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Mamas & Minis - Spring Party

Mama's & Minis, is my favourite mom group thus far!

Seriously I've met my fair share of moms... (sips tea.. ) But these moms are genuinely so nice.

They've made me feel so welcomed and treat me like apart of their village, which is extremely rare since I don't even have a baby of my own.... yet! Mamas and minis are such a welcoming bunch, and the best thing is that there are always new mamas attending, so if you're like me and get anxiety about leaving your house to be with other moms or just with people, you really have nothing to worry about... They will welcome you and your mini with so much love.

" It takes a village"

I would say that Mamas & Minis pride themselves on the saying "It takes a village", because... it really does. Let your mini roam around the party with the ease, that if he/she trips one of your mama villagers will be there to pick them up, dust them off and have them on their way to continue their wobbly adventure.

The kind of village that, takes care of your minis, like their own.

As a young woman, I look up to all mamas... It's beautiful and comforting to me, that women be there for one another especially during a time that is so life changing.. One day I'll eventually have my own mini, and when I do.. I can say that I have officially found my mom tribe.

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Claudia Agudelo

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