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Local Business- WP Creations

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Hey guys!

I have recently partnered up with local business WP Creations Etobicoke, when you book your newborn session with me, you'll receive a FREE raised impression. WP creations is your one stop shop for custom keepsakes. WP Creations specializes in the art of preserving baby’s hands and footprints. This art is called 'LifeCasting' and the results are beautifully detailed treasured keepsakes.

Marlen is a mom of 2 beautiful children, and recognizes first hand how quickly they change and grow up! She's always looking for creative ways to capture those special moments and freeze time. In her home studio, she is able to create 3D replicas of your baby’s hands and feet, and professionally mount them behind glass in custom shadow boxes, or they can be mounted onto granite as beautiful statues. The detail of these one of a kind pieces is unbelievable and truly unique to your baby! The process is simple and safe.

Scroll down to check out the process.

Meet Marlen!

Foot impression

This is what it looks like inside, Marlen will then fill the hole with a special mix


Just a example of her many beautiful framing options

Whether it be a shadowbox, raised impression ornament, necklace, crystal or a combination of these products over the years, you will never regret capturing a special moment in time of your child.

Follow Marlen on Instagram @etobicoke_wpcreations where you can see a variety of sample pictures. You can also visit her website at or send her an email at to answer any questions or to help choose the best keepsake for your family.

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