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Sponsorship Terms

1. All images will be watermarked with Claudia Agudelo Photography's logo including complimentary images; they will also be sized strictly for social media. 


2.Moms will have the opportunity to purchase digital images without the watermark, should they wish to do so.  


3.Images for online or printed marketing for Facebook and Instagram will be watermarked, and a will have a mandatory reference stating "images sponsored by Claudia Agudelo Photography".


4. Online or printed marketing media kits are not included in the sponsorship, this includes but is not limited to: blogs, Twitter, paid advertisement, email marketing, flyers and website images. These services will be available to you at an additional cost. *All rights and copyrights belong to Claudia Agudelo Photography, and are not allowed to be used without the consent of the photographer*


5. The CAP logo must be listed on all ongoing sponsorship's websites.

* Terms subject to change*

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